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How to Carve an Emu Egg!

by Jody's Designs!

What you will need:

PROTECTION:  Dust collection/mask/glasses , etc..

Smooth emu egg

white copy paper w/ pattern

PC to resize pattern or copy machine

White transfer paper (Acclaim)

Pencil and  quilters pencil


Highspeed dental drill or something similar that takes 1/16 shaft burs

Carbide burs 1/16 shafts: 1/4, 1/2, 2, 4, 6, 8 rounds

Drumel or something similar that takes 3/32 shaft burs

Mandrel 3/32 shaft..round attachment

Coarse-med dental flexible discs

Brownie polishing point

Non-yellowing Matte finish acrylic spray

Egg stand


First I draw up my design on white paper and resize it to fit my egg
with my PC.  I then trace the pattern on to the egg with white transfer

I tape down all the edges, be sure that you have the transfer paper
with the white facing the egg..ask me how I know!!! :)

Next, I traced the lines with a pencil, use a colored one and that way
you can see exactly which lines have been traced. If you missed a line,
go back and use a quilters pencil to fill it in.

I used a highspeed dental drill with the burs #6 & #8 round Carbide
burs to cut away the emerald green layers to get to the white.

I then used a drumel with a mandrel that takes tiny coarse sanding disc
to smooth the bur marks, remove any teal left over and to polish to a
pure white.

This shows the size of the discs better. It is smaller than a dime,
comes in 3 different grits and a large size. They are flexible, too!

Next I used a 1/4 round to outline the trees, mountain and the whale.

Then I used a #8 and #6 round to remove the emerald green layer..later
I decided to cut down to the teal to show the white like I did on the
above portion for color contrasts. Again, I smoothed the bur marks and
got down to the pure white with the discs.

I used a #6 round to cut the water. I first used smaller burs like 2 &
4's to cut down to the white first, then I used the #6 to cut into the
teal for the rest of the water.

I smoothed all the water with the disc to get a shine and to remove the
bur marks going in the wrong direction.

Shows me using a #8 round to make the water texture cutting down almost
in some areas to the white....just almost..gives it a more flowing feel
to it. Make sure your lines are going in the right direction flowing
with the swirls of water.

I'm using a 1/4 round to frame the top of the egg. I will go back later
when I detail with a #1 or #2 round to straighten my lines and make it
deeper into the teal color.

Almost done except for defining my lines here and there!

  I will go back and use a Brownie polishing point to polish any areas
that the discs couldn't reach.  When I'm done, I will use a pencil
eraser to erase all white transfer lines.

  I will lightly spray it with UV resistant acrylic matte finish to
protect the colors in the egg from light damage. That also makes the
egg look wet...brings out the color contrasts!!!   More pics and
close-ups to be posted later..so check back soon!

You can order any on the burs, polishing discs or points from me at any

Hope you enjoyed the lesson~Write to me and let me know!

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